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Dead Christian who livesAnonymous111-01-2014
The God of the OT cursed Sodom and opened up destruction upon their city of lust, perversion, drunkenness, drugs, evil the NT God blesses them with World Series victories, and Super Bowl Championships and the NT God blesses the prideful the arrogant, (Tom, Doug, Shari, Vicki, Arnie, Randall Hauk, Pete, Kim)the drunkards, the thieves (Tony, Julie), those who oppose good (Kim and Tony, Tom)and promotes the idiots the fools the philosophers (Richard Ley, David Moerer) and lays down his people to be used as a door mat for their pleasure and fun and enjoyment. Todays God makes promises he never fulfilled or keeps, staling, delaying taking his sweet time at the cost of others, dragging out evil and prolonging suffering, and doing nothing he says he is capable of doing. The NT God is over night now a good God, instead of the evil he used to do today he has an fabricated enemy in Satan who takes the blame for God, God knew his actions and behaviors where causing people to dislike him so now he can finger point against evil and demons when he is still the problem. If I bury a plastic idol next to a for sale sign posted on my house it will sale in two weeks, and it does magically sale. But yet if I pray in faith for 9 years, nothing changes, maybe its because I'm using the incorrect name of Jesus Christ in my prayers, rather than praying to the one who can truly answer prayers. In the protestant bible in Matthew 21:22, James 5:16, Matthew 7:7, John 14:12-14 it says ask in my name (Jesus) and it will be given. You know what I'm given when I ask anything in this name? (Hell, torture, torment, damnation, destruction, demonic activity, denied prayers) Maybe if I ask in the Blessed Mother Mary's name for protection I will be protected, I sure see a lot of catholics being blessed. What do you think God? Is the protectant bible incorrect?
Father SAVE my familyJilian Rose111-01-2014
I urge you do one day fasting & prayer for me.
Heavenly father I cry out to YOU before devil may touch me, I confess all my sins, forgive me, have mercy on me, but deliver me completely from devils bondage (mind has become full of dirt) fed up with my life, have become very very weak, , take complete control of myself mind, thought, body, soul, shower your Holy blood & wash me. Look at my daughter SAVE my family; restore my 19 years marriage hide identity THANK YOU, IJN Amen
Jesus please send Ryan real, good friends. He suffers from autism and he's lonely and has been taken advantage of in the past. Please heal his brain injury and deal with the patient that punched him in the face while he was working. Heal him and bless him greatly. I ask with great humility that you assist Charles in his new life. Grant him courage, strength and happiness. When we relocate please give us great neighbors. We pray to relocate to a peaceful safe area. Please grant us good jobs. Matt7:7 In Jesus name I pray amen
i need lots of prayers gladys marquez110-29-2014
hello my name is gladys marquez mother to a 5 year old boy who name is erick marquez and my huband renan marquez please pray for me Gladys Marquez 29 years old mother to a 5 year old boy my son needs me he has just me and his dad nobody else oct 2 i went to pick up my son from school and i was almost very close in getting him when all of a sudden i felt like my heart was going to come out and my whole body felt like it had needles all over me and my body was shaking and my right arm got twitched up like i was having a stroke i was like this from 3:00pm to 7 am the next day the doctors took x-rays and MRI and took a picture of my heart and stomach they took my blood test and everything came out good saying there was nothing wrong with me and for me to go home get plenty of rest and liquids i did everything the doctor told me to do and every single day i get that strange thing that happened on oct 2 i checked online to see what this could be i saw panic attacks but i did not get any of the symptoms i remember going to puerto rico a while back ago to visit my mother to see her and to attend some school there to finish for medical secutary i remember i was finish and done with my diploma so my family had a little party at there house with cake my family there told me to take a picture with them just to have as a celebration my mothers famliy are in too very dark black evil magic who likes to cast spells and do harm so i remember i dont get very well with some of them and i had a very bad argument and ever since that day of the picture i have been feeling dizzy,like someone is putting needles all over me im very serious i stand up i feel like im going to have a very bad panic attack and die this is insane because the doctors take test and run all kinds of machines on me find nothing wrong and to me i don't what this to end bad because everyday it gets worse and and docto rs don't find nothing wrong with me i need you to break this black magic curse and for me to start feeling like i was before all this happened to me all i want is to get better be able to walk get my son from school and come home and take care of my husband and 5 year old sone who really needs me please pray for me really hard and ask God to take this oway sometimes i go on youtube listen to gospel and quotes about positive things and read the bible and nothing happens it gets worse my huband even had to stay home with me 7 times and my son as well because were really scared something bad will happen to me please pray and help us thank you so much.
love, light, healing, peace, comfort, fearlessnessjohn robertson010-27-2014
for lillian robertson of new zealand to be free from cancer and financial problems-amen
new job and appeals casejerome blackwell010-26-2014
please pray for my ssa appeals so I may win in jesus name and a new good job
Surround William, Donna of Goleta Unified School District with the heart and eyes to see what a wonderful teacher KM is & to open all doors for KM to have her own elementary classroom as soon as possible, heal the skies to allow them to welcome rain the stop the drought, heal LC’s ability help her focus stop all errors – Bless Andy & help him see only the best of LC. Heal the following as needed Lisa, Eric, Alex, Symone, Sage, Amanda, Abby, Andrew, Lenox, Jessica, Jennifer, Malcolm, Diego, Samantha, Jill, Max, Aston Villa
dear lord i need some pray for louis mclilly he in rehab haifway house alcohol problems he in waterford michigan i wont him to come with his family i love him i wont our relationship to work so pray for and my family and the mclilly family thank you
best friend please prayRon Ron010-23-2014
Please pray that God continues to free my best friend and her family from evil connections and blesses them in His will daily.

Charles HillDavid Hill010-22-2014
Please add Charles to your prayer request.

God only knows what happened but on October 5, 2013 my son's (Charles Hill) life was changed. He is currently awaiting trial with a $ 800,000 plus bond. His wrist action from his left arm was lost along with the top of his left thumb. God has currently healed his finger movement. A bone in his left arm was unrepaireable.
Please pray for a speedy trial,
the truth to come out in the trial,
ontinued healing to attach the bone and restore his left wrist function,
D.A. Bobby Bell,
Sherrif Andy Louderback
and Jackson County.

He can be reached at:
Charles Hill
115 West Main St.
Edna, TX 77957
depresseddonna stahl110-22-2014
I have been so depressed over all my family issues that have been going on for years.I feel I have a curse on me and my family.Pray with me that God hears my prayers.I just want Mercedes,Josh and Sophia to become a family again.
Surround 95 Cardinal street/all neighbors with intense love and release all else this house is not selling due to the neighbors who paint fowl words on the sidewalk – Heal Patricia the agent who has worked very hard to get the house to sell – Heal Antonio & his mother, Alex, Eric, Sage & his family, Symone, Abby, Amanda, Tama, Gil, Lynn, KM, legal protection for Spectrum Realty, RAINNNNN in Santa Barbara
forgivenessdonna stahl110-20-2014
Pray for Mercedes before our family looses her.Prat that Josh and her can work out their problems and he can forgive her baby Sophia needs her parents.Make both of them realize this.
Studio EquipmentAmanda Brown010-19-2014
I thank everyone for their prayers. I am seeking a microphone a studio equipment, or someone that has those things that will let me use them for free. I really need this to do the will of my Father according to what he has purposed me to do in his kingdom.
Please Pray For Healing For My MotherAmanda Boggs010-19-2014
My mother Melinda has a rare, serious bacterial infection in her colon. This type of bacteria is resistant to most antibiotics and this type of infection is potentially life-threatening. Please pray that the medicine she is taking, along with God's grace, will kill all the bad bacteria in her colon. Please pray that she will be healed and live. Thank you so much for your prayers. May God truly bless you.
Pray for John and his family, May God keep you and I am the way and the truth and the life to his relationships Past present future
Pray annual family blessing to evil assignment on my life and chins through out. May God Keep You... friends, grace, food for the hungry, past present future Jesus 3x
Heal Amanda's heart regarding KM she has too much control to hurt KM's career surround the meeting tomorrow at 12:00 with love and light-Heal Jeff of all bladder big ‘C’-Find a buyer for 95 Cardinal ASAP-Heal Patricia’s jaw she is in a lot of pain-Heal Abby,Alex,Eric,Malcum,Sumone,Claire,Scott,Diego,Luis-Bring Prosperity to LC & KM
to be a loving couple again. Anonymous010-16-2014
Please please pray for casey and I to get back together and be closer than we were before, and be a loving couple again. Please pray for my son-in-law and daughter they are trying to have a baby. Thanks in advance for your time and prayers. God bless you all.
Prayer for help for allJessica Ortiz010-16-2014
I pray that the Lord please protect all the medics that are out in the world helping everyone with all these different diseases. I pray that he give them the knowledge to help these patients to the best of their ability, i pray that he protect them from any and all illnesses they can get. I pray that he help get these diseases/illnesses under control and find a cure for them. I pray in Jesus name that he help everyone in the world to cope with the fears of these diseases/illnesses. Last but not least I pray that the Lord help and comfort anyone with diseases/illllnesses as well as anyone who contacts them. I pray that the Lord heal them, until he dies so help them cope with whatever their going through. I also pray that the Lord help their friends and families to cope with everythinh their loved one/ones may be going through in Jesus name Amen
Pass ExamsStephen Gikandi010-15-2014
Please pray for my son James Maruga Gikandi index no.123301311053 and Stephen Lomnyak who are doing their final exams from tomorrow for God to fill them with courage and confidence and also bless them with excellent results. Amen
Heal Lynn of all error's in the office, she is overwhelmed and moved to tears when she makes an error, of late it's one after the other, she is asking to be errorless, because she is so embarrassed by the error's, she feels so bad
job and place to liveKathy w010-13-2014
I lost my job 3 years ago, have worked odd jobs off and on. Haven\\\'t worked 6 months. I\\\'m in need of Full time work and decent wage. I just lost my place to stay Monday and now I\\\'m sleeping in my car.
Car CrashAnonymous010-12-2014
Pray for Leom and the other kid in the car. Bless the religious gifts I sent him and family. Bless colleens suicide and Mikes surgery, Kevin school and faith, Rita eating and weight Jesus I trust in you past present future
Divine healingAnonymous010-10-2014
Please pray with me. I have an ovarian mass and go to dr on Tues 14th. I want us to pray that God will touch and heal it and that it will require no surgery or further treatment. We KNOW that HE can do this. With faith and hope I thank you for your prayers, and may God bless you in your own special needs.
pray for this familydonna stahl110-09-2014
pray that my grand daughter gets away from the bad people that destroyed her life.Mercedes was to be married a month ago to Josh they have a baby Sophia together. They loved one another so much and the baby.Pray that there is still hope for them.Baby Sophia deserves a mom and dad.who are together.Let a miracle happen pray with me for them.
Bless my path of next yearAnonymous010-09-2014
Release your Angelic army to fight for and defend your church, Let your Angels minister unto me, Lord confess me before your Holy Angels to possession, people I speak to, places I go , love and lite to my service past present future
Prayer for my husband Silvestres swollen intestine cyst painAnonymous010-06-2014
Urgent prayer request to heal my husband Silvestre Fernandes painful cyst and swelling of the intestine, he is wreathing in pain and the doctors in Florida cannot diagnose his stomach pain, he is also diabetic, please please please please I beg you please pray for my Silvestre's stomach pain to heal and to please let his intestine swelling to go down and the pain to stop. I will ever be grateful and thankful to you dear brothers and sisters. Thank you Sophie.
Together as a familyAnonymous010-04-2014
Javier and Leticia are having a baby that is due in November. Currently they are not living together, but they love each other. I am asking for everyone to pray for them to find a way to come together as a family once their baby is born and be able to live with each other so they can raise this child together. Thank you
Surrender all Kara anger and replace intense love and kindness, heal all those that have been hurt from her rage, Heal the following Amanda, Abby, Jessica, Carrie, Eric, Alex, Tami, Gil, Johnny, Patricia, Dick, Andy, Nikki, Wil, Matthew, Jill, Malcolm, Sage, Siomme, Andrew, Diego, Ann, K.M., Joey, Scott, Bless the S.B. area with cool rain ASAP, Literary agent for KM ASAP, Bless you all for taking pray to the Divine
I married badlyAnonymous010-03-2014
I\'m sad. My home life is not a happy one. Please pray for me. My husband and step-son talk about me behind my back. My step-son is rude to me, and my husband sides with him. My husbands inflicts rules on me that he is not willing to follow himself. I\'m tired of the double-standard and being treated like a child. I\'m a responsible adult, earning a living to care for my family who hates me. I ask for God\'s help. I\'m tired of putting up with horrible, degrading treatment. Thank you.
Prayer for our Nation and the safety of our President and his faI M010-01-2014
Please send Lord your warring Angels to this Nation and put a hedge of protection around the President and the first family.
prayer for a speedy recoveryJessica Ortiz009-30-2014
I pray that the Lord gives a speedy healing to my cousin Terrence Flores as he is dying of cancer and isn't doing good right now. Please lord heal him of this disease and until you do so give him the strength to cope with everything that he's going through. He needs a miracle in Jesus name Amen.
healings pleaseAnonymous009-28-2014
Melt all the hatred A.S. carries for K.M. heal her heart, pull out all that keeps her compassion from others, her heartless actions are painful and she is in a position of power to hurt K.M.’s career surround the divine around the situation ASAP, bring cool rain to California, prosperity for LC & KM there are barely living-Heal the following as needed Eric, Abby, Dick, Wil, Matthew, Mike, Patricia, Nikki, Andy, Jessica, LC, Firestone family, Wing Family, Ball Family, Chatham Family,
Please Pray For UsJames James009-28-2014
Please pray for God's protection, direction, provisions, favor, grace, healing and deliverance upon my family, myself and all His children. Thank-you
Father have mercy on usJilian Rose009-27-2014
Heavenly father take complete control of myself (mind, thought, body, soul) I could not stop some thoughts coming to mind, please help me father SAVE my, my daughter’s & my husband’s soul from Devil, father completely wash with YOUR holy blood & forgive all our sins, keep me & my daughter healthy, help her in study, protect us from all evil plans. Convict my cruel husband to confess his sin of adultery, repent & come to YOU, fulfill YOUR WILL in our lives. Hide identity. IJN Amen

prayer for healingJessica Ortiz009-26-2014
Please pray for God to heal me and give me my health back as well as to give me the patience to cope with all the health issues until he does so Amen
Prayer for the healing of a loved ones cancerJessica Ortiz009-26-2014
Please pray that the Lord heal my cousin who's severly ill of cancer in Jesus name Amen
For Rajendra's complete healingAnonymous009-26-2014
Dear Lord, please I pray for my dear friend Rajendra Mody. For his complete healing, dear Lord, please. In your name I pray with thanks and gratitude. Amen.
Single Mom of Five Needs HelpStephanie G509-22-2014
O God you gave St Pio of Pietrelcina Capuchin Priest the great privilege of participating in a unique way in the passion of your son grant me through his intercession the grace of(please pray that I immediately come up with funds to start a new life with mychildren send your guardian angels to St Pio and beg him to also pray that my brother calls our mother after nine years of absence pray that my daughters can still have children despite the abuse of their father and that none of my children end up being homosexual because of the abuse)which I ardently desire and above all grant me the grace of living in conformity with the death of Jesus to arrive at the glory of the resurrection. Say 3 Our Fathers.