Prayer Requests

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Please Pray For UsBarnabas Barnabas603-20-2014
Please pray that God blesses me with financial income (job), guides me, protects me and uses me in His will. Please pray that God blesses my family.
peace & comfortPratheep Kumar403-18-2014
Please pray for me
to get a good PhD position with good stipend soon,
to become a good scientist with good grade,
to concentrate only on studies and research,
to forget the troubling thoughts from the past.
to live in peace with my family with no problem
Thank you
with your prayer help I have completed my pre-doctoral degree in flying colours.
Thank you
Pray Against AntiChristianismJeffrey Jeffrey303-17-2014
Please pray that God obstructs the worldwide attempt to wear Christians out and that He strengthens His children in Christ.
Intense healing for the following Michelle evil intension, Mickey dying, Ginny hateful mother, Patrice bring peace asap, Heal Marisa from kidnapping situation, Prosperity for Zim who bought her out of situation, Pull Sam away from hateful intension towards Patricia heal her of breakdown, Heal Dick, Heal Ashley to mental health&back home her parents put her in a mental home due to her deep depression from a broken heart heal&wake up her parents, heal every student & teacher at Ellwood, bring KM her own class room asap, Heal Gerry’s vertigo & emotional strife
peace & comfortPratheep Kumar203-15-2014
Please pray for me to get a good PhD position with good stipend soon. Please pray for Br. Zachariah to live long with good health and peace. Thank you
threebut1@yahoo.comPastor Gregory103-15-2014
Please pray that God helps His children see past deceptions and Walk in the Holy Spirit of God.
Father YOU are my redeemerJilian Rose203-14-2014
Heavenly father I praise You & THANK YOU because nothing is too hard for YOU. Father forgive all my sins. Father YOU are my redeemer. Father deliver my cruel husband from the sin of adultery. Father create a situation in his life that he may confess his sin of adultery. Father look at my daughter & restore my 18 years of marriage life. Father since 3 years with rolling tears on my knee I am waiting for YOUR answer. Father protect us from all evil. Father speak for me & show my cruel husband & sister that YOU are with me. Hide identity. IJN Amen.
Seeking PrayerTom Tom103-14-2014
Please pray that God continues the supports and activities as there is no reason for these to be "discontinued". Please also pray that God helps each one of His children on planet earth.
Pray for my brother.Anonymous203-14-2014
Please pray that my brother’s tragic situation is resolved quickly and favorably for him and that he is protected from harm. Also pray for his emotional, spiritual and physical health. And pray for me. No email reply is needed. Thank you.
Friends and prosperityAnonymous003-13-2014
Pray for all my postings and prayers to every friend I ever had, paths to heaven to family, health, jobs, school, agianst spells, wisdom, patience, serenity Our Father... past present future
reachingouttoany@live.comReach Rolin203-11-2014
Please pray that God delivers me from the financial and earthly "ditch" that I'm in, that God blesses my family and that God helps His earthly servants worldwide.
Please pray that God will save my friendTan Williams003-11-2014
Praise the Lord Pray Warriors
I ask that you will please stand in prayer with me for my friend Denise because I have chose not to interfere with this situation but instead let God handle it. My friend Denise desires the love and attention from a man and she is so vulnerable that she is opening herself up to anything. She has created a pattern of going on line meeting guys because she is so desperate for love and thus far everyman that she has met has turned out not to be the man God has for her. They have been married, in a relationship, or just wanting to take advantage of her but she still does not stop. She does not even give herself time after the encounter is over with one, she keeps right on searching for the next one. Well she has met another one. He is much older than she is. She is 38 and he is 57. When she was telling me about him she stated that they had been communicating for about 3 months at the time and he started off lying to her about his real age. She also stated that he’d fallen on hard times and had been out of work. I asked her if he was asking her for money and she stated no (but I don’t think she’d tell me the truth). I asked her where he lived and he lied to her about that (which she does not know that he has lied). When she introduced him to me, I found it very odd that he could not look me in my eyes when she was introducing us, it was like he was looking down and looking away. Afterwards I mentioned that to her and she stated that she noticed that also. His actions made me very suspicious of him so I did a little research. I found that he does not live in the city that he told her that he lives in but instead currently lives in another city with a woman. Also when he comes to visit her at her apartment complex, he does not park in front of the building where she lives but he parks in front of another building. Also I found that he was on probation for 5 years and just got off last week for being indicted for Fraud-Financial Identity. He also came over to her apartment on last night, I was there and it was at about 11:30 pm, he rang the bell she went outside and she only stayed out there about 2 minutes, he left and then she came back inside. I think that she is giving him money. I hope he does not steal any of her information if he hasn’t already because he comes over a lot. He seems to come off as a “charmer” informing her that she needs to eat healthy and has tried to lay down the charm by cooking what he calls a healthy meal for her. She has informed him that she has Lupus and I just hope that he is not taking advantage of that. May God have mercy on his soul, if he is. Every time he comes over she makes sure that he has a certain kind of hot tea that he likes to drink. I know that God sees all and I know that god is aware of Joseph’s, that is the guy’s name, intentions. So I ask that you will pray with me that God will separate them from each other, if his intentions are not good, before Joseph brings a deep hurt upon Denise and tries to destroy her. I know for a fact that Denise is a part of the Christian faith (C.O.G.I.C. to be exact), and that she knows and loves God. She has been apart of it from her childhood on up until now. Please please pray for her, I’m asking from my heart, because I do not want Satan to use this man to destroy her. Thank you and may God bless and keep you.

seeingbeyondthetrees@yahoo.comCole Cole003-10-2014
After an extended search the only job offer I have puts me on 24-7 call even in "state of emergency" weather. I have an elderly mother to take care of, my own health problems and God comes first. please that God will help me make a God approved decision. please pray as I've ask God to accept any prayer as being prayed now. thank-you
family in crisistianna riddle003-10-2014
Hi my names Tianna and my family and I are in a desperate need for help. It's become very hard to keep the faith when your whole world is falling down around your ears. Especially when the reason things have gotten so bad after doing the right thing. Please have a look at the link below, any help we can get would be a real life saver.
Angela & Gary Request PrayerAngela Gary003-09-2014
Please pray that God helps, favors and delivers Angela & Gary who are under extreme attack and need financial income. Thank-you
Family Prayer RequestJohn John003-08-2014
Please pray for our family needs: Protection and healing from flu, God's wisdom and guidance, God providing our needs, God's protection favor and peace. Thank-you
favor please prayBro Bro203-05-2014
please pray that i'm hired without the second interview since i completed the online application at home today. i'm really low on gas money.
low food and finances please prayGreg Greg103-05-2014
please pray that God blesses me with and income opportunity(s) and daily provisions. thank-you
Depression and SuicideRachna P103-04-2014
Lord Almighty I committed a sin I hurt someone and now he is having difficulty please God bless him abundantly. Please help him and be with him all the time and help him cope up with this. I am very sorry God but I was not happy with him and the way he wanted me to be away from any friends or my family I would end up my life because I would be suffering every minute and I didn’t wanted to end up my life and hence I took this decision. God I am on my knees begging you please forgive me for one last time and help him to come out from this. Please ask him God not to blackmail me cause if my parents get to know about this they might hate me and beat me a lot and go away from me forever please God help me I am in need of your help. Please try and understand me and bless me and keep me away from all threats please Lord or else I will be left with no option rather than ending my life. I am very scared God please help me have mercy on me.
Flu Family Needs PrayerSonny Sonny103-04-2014
My entire family has the flu. My mother is returning from their home and she is currently stuck in a storm. I have a job interview this week. Please pray that God helps my mother, heals my family and that I dont catch any sickness. Please pray that I obtain finances to be responsible. I've ask God to accept your prayers as "now" no matter when you pray. Please pray.
Traveling Aged Mother. Please PrayJohn John103-04-2014
Please pray that God abundantly helps, protects and delivers my family as my aged mother is struck in winter storm travel.
finances, storm, aged motherjustin justin003-03-2014
Please pray that God protects, shows favor, gives Wisdom and provides for me, my family and my aged mother who is traveling alone. Thank-you
Intense healing for the following Lisa, David, Savana, Madison, Lizette A.S., N.S., W.S., K.M., Lynn, Patricia, Curtis, Dick, Dan, Troy, Maritrae, Dev, Katlyn, Abby, April, All children/adults going to Ellwood Elementary, keep KM from all negative gossip, great success to Spectrum, help A.S. think only great things of L.C. help her stop all errors at work, heal BeBe a dog who Curtis loves, heal the Ball family mess, Stop all Cartel organization
aged mother and financial needsAndrew Andrew003-02-2014
please pray that God protects, heals and blesses my elderly mother and that God blesses me with His protection and financial income. thank-you
Really Need PrayerPaul Paul002-28-2014
I walk in God's will daily but still feel distant from the Lord. I'm also unemployed. I really need God's direction, Presence, protection and deliverance in my life. Please pray for me.
Gods FavorAnonymous002-28-2014
Our Father, I Thank a You for Your Goodness. I ask favor from You to Convict his heart to return the Love back to her that she gave to him for 20yrs. Bring him to see her pain and years of endurance. Help him to remove anyone in way of their reunion. Bring him to ponder each day without her in his heart and on his mind with Divine Order with desires to reconcile their relationship. Protect them Lord. Bring them to discuss their concerns in a peaceful manner. Bless her today Lord with favor over her Financial Blessings In Jesus Holy Name I pray AMEN
younger sister depressed over older sister's deathgreg greg002-27-2014
my mother, sister and family are depressed over my older sister's death (3 year anniversary). please pray that God comforts them during this trying time. please also that God helps His children through the world's turmoils.
Please PrayJohn John002-26-2014
Please pray that God blesses me with financial opportunities, guides me and delivers me in this time of need and gives me peace.
Paths to heavenAnonymous002-25-2014
Pray for all my prayers of growth, progress, friendship Pray Our Father... health, family, house bless, protection, forgiveness, enough for the sabbath, perfect peace past present future
GARRICK DAVIDSylvia Capacite002-24-2014
Heavenly Father,pleas bless and keep Garrick.Enable Garrick David's problem in Malaysia Airport to end.Grant that he get clearance charges for his baggage so that he can continue his journey.I ask for this in Jesus' name,amen
bandstuffgat@yahoo.comGarin Garin002-23-2014
Please pray that God grants me favor, guidance wisdom, protection and His Presence upon my life and my minstry.
urgent needs please prayPaul Paul002-23-2014
Please pray that God provides my financial needs: that He guides, heals, protects, delivers me and give me peace.
Please Pray For MePaul Paul002-22-2014
Please pray for me~ I really need God's Presence, Healing, Deliverance, Favor and Direction. Please pray. My name is Garrett
Pray that I meet my future true christian husbandChrist Child002-21-2014
Please pray for me. God the dearest and closest friend I have, in all confidence I open my heart to You to beg Your light and assistance in the important task of planning my future in finding my true christian husband. Give me the light of Your grace, that I may decide wisely concerning the person who is to be my true christian husband through my whole life. Dearest God in the name of Jesus, send me such a one whom in Your divine wisdom You judge best suited to be united with me in marriage. May his character reflect some of the traits of Your own character. May he be upright, loyal, pure, sincere, and noble, so that with united efforts and with pure and unselfish love we may strive both to perfect ourselves in soul and body may please You to entrust to our care. Bless our friendship before marriage, that sin may have no part in it. May our mutual love bind us so closely, that our future home may ever be like your own. Please all pray for me so that I meet my future true christian husband very soon so we can get to know each other slowly. Pray that he is true spiritual Christian husband, pray that he possesses a true love for God and the willingness to do his will. Pray that he is spiritually stable and have a deep desire to serve God daily. Pray that he has the desire to serve God in spirit and in truth every day of his life. Pray that he is very humble. I don't want an arrogant husband. Pray that he is loving. Pray that he not only speak of love but that his actions are also the same. Pray that he truly love God. Pray that he is kind. Pray that not only displayed it in words but also deeds and attitudes. Pray that he is kind and uplifting towards me. I don't want a selfish husband. Pray that he does not ignore my needs. Pray that he is trustworthy and loyal. Pray that he is ambitious and hardworking, pray that he is hardworking but not to the point that I don't exist pray that he takes day offs to spend with me vacations etc... Pray that he is a bread winner and pray that he is creative and not lazy .Pray that he is caring towards me. He must possess the ability to care about me and my feelings. Pray that I meet my wonderful true Christian husband very soon. Children are not a must I just want to find my true christian husband thats all. Christ Child
Protection and FavorAnonymous002-21-2014
Pray that rachel M. has success in school and favor also protection.
Heal Ms. Dahquist class have them behave and relax, Intense healing for Dick, Abby Alice, Eliana, Troy, Maritrae, Terry, Jessica’s mother, Jose, Jackie, the 6yr old girl twins who just lost their mother, Gil, Tami, the mouse that founds it’s way into L.C.’s car, A.S., N.S., M.S., W.S., Heal L.C., body suffering from body ache’s , hot flashes, weight gain, fear issues, K.M. weight loss, confidence and mate as soon as possible! Rain to end this drought in California
really need your prayersHolland Holland002-20-2014
Please pray that God guides, provides, protects, delivers and heals me as I go through this very difficult time and give me peace.
Pushing throughPaul Joseph Luiso002-19-2014
My wife Sharon and I need prayer to facilitate our transition into the miracle zone promised by Christ in John 14:12-14: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. 13 And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” We are getting very close; like the “fire Shut up in my bones...” level. Please pray for us.
Please pray for usJohn John002-19-2014
Please pray that Helps, Heals and gives Wisdom to me and my family during this difficult time.
Business needsNancy Boyce002-17-2014
I have started a new business and need 3 people signed underneath me