Prayer Requests

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Single Mom of Five Needs HelpStephanie G409-22-2014
O God you gave St Pio of Pietrelcina Capuchin Priest the great privilege of participating in a unique way in the passion of your son grant me through his intercession the grace of(please pray that I immediately come up with funds to start a new life with mychildren send your guardian angels to St Pio and beg him to also pray that my brother calls our mother after nine years of absence pray that my daughters can still have children despite the abuse of their father and that none of my children end up being homosexual because of the abuse)which I ardently desire and above all grant me the grace of living in conformity with the death of Jesus to arrive at the glory of the resurrection. Say 3 Our Fathers.
God's Hope vicky oliver509-22-2014
That Joe and Hannah find a way to keep there marriage as our grandson is only three.
need help from heavenjay scott oertel-levinson309-19-2014
Going thru so much, after loved one had died, need finances, feel so broken, court for estate, and troubles on every side. I love Jesus, but I am tired and can barely go on. Please, help me pray.
MarriageRonnie Christensen309-18-2014
I need pray for my marriage. My husband is saying the worst thing he did was marry me and god is punishing him by him having to be with me. Please ask god to bring peace and love to our marriage, help him to not be so angry. Amen
healingmarty smiles209-18-2014
Intense healing for T.C.& G.C. pull the darkness from both their lives & from their family-Surround the Doctor Allan McKenzie who is operating on Lupe Friday keep Lupe at peace and calm-Heal Betty’s lack of trust for Lupe enough to give her more work, help Juan trust Lupe, heal Yael, Edelmia & Lupe’s relationship, Protection for LC, KM, Intense Healing for Sage & Eric, Cool Rain for Santa Barbara
Prayer RequestBrian Brian209-17-2014
Please pray that God strengthens and delivers me from these attacks and that He uses me in His will and glory.
prayer for healingJessica Ortizz309-17-2014
Lord God, I pray that you cure me from this anxiety/panick attacks and everything that's caused by this illness and whatever other health issues I may have including depression. I ask that you take away the fears, bless me, love me, send me peace please dear God for I don't know how much more of this i can take. In Jesus name Amen
Father YOU are my hopeJilian Rose209-16-2014
Heavenly father forgive all our sins, take complete control of ourselves, keep me & my daughter healthy, help my daughter in her study(for exams), protect us from all evil plans. Convict my cruel husband to confess his sin of adultery, repent & come to YOU. I am all alone YOU are my hope & help. Father STOP mental torture of my cruel husband, his sister & her son, destroy all their plans, show them the truth & remove fault allegation. IF it is YOUR WILL restore my 19 years of marriage, protect me at my work place, no one may harm me. Hide identity. IJN Amen
For my familyAnonymous209-15-2014
I would like a prayer said for my daughter Nichole and her two children, that all negativity and people that are trying to hurt them are removed from their life and they are able to live their life together in peace and grow together as a family to a better life
Intense healing for A.S., relax his approach to life and his business and his office manager L.C. help him appreciate her and stop the anger, help him be calm in all situations, heal LC’s nerves about his past anger issues, release all her fears about possibility losing her job, Open all doors for KM’s book bring her the perfect literary agent, pray her book is a huge success, bring cool rain to Santa Barbara
Ask for protecting from forcing arranged marriage with unbelieveNick CM209-14-2014
Urgent Prayer Request!!

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus, I would like to beg all of you to pray for my closed Christian friend. Now she is forced so much to arranged marriage by the parents with the guy who is not Christian and she doesn\'t in love with this one at all but she might sacrifice her happiness to gratitude to her parent. Now she is so stress out and unhappy and waiting for the miracle helping from God. So please God help to avoid this arranged marriage by parent, fight for her and save her from yoked with unbelievers because it\'s not God\'s will. Please God save her on-time because the parent forced her so much to make the decision sooner. Please help to pray for her too. I really want to get back to praise the Lord with my testimony. Thank you very much with all my heart.
Lord help me pass my road test held on Tuesday 16/09/14R M Dsouza109-14-2014
Lord, thank you very much for reducing my constant anxiety attacks and depression and also helping me overcome my driving phobia. On Tuesday 16/09/2014, at 8.20 am, I am having my road test, I am praying that I pass the test and get my permanent license on that day, Lord, you know that since nearly 5 months I am learning driving and I have faced lots of obstacles to learn driving because of my health and severe driving phobia, a huge amount and time has been spent on this, many who joined after me have cleared the test and got their license, we no longer can spend money for retest and additional classes in case I fail, please help me.Fill in me the confidence and help me not to panic and not make any mistakes.Help me Lord.
helaing patricia anne patricia anne309-12-2014
Lord I surrender to you annamal show her that I’m not the reason for her mother’s death. Lord she is very angry with me. Let your light to go before her heal her, module her and teach her to forgive me if I did anything wrong to her. And Lord save Patricia Anne and John from all the spell and charm Annamal is doing to stop this wedding. Let your holy spirit take control of her and let her repent from her sinfulness. To get money from her brother John she is doing all she can including poisoning John heart complaining about me and telling bad about me
hear my crytravis escalante109-09-2014
9-9-14 blessed father YAHWEH fully fund so i can follow my hearts passion. provide overflowing financial blessings for american mattress man. aidan and justin protection and guidance. art jr healing and peace in the truth. man in motorcycle accident. lauren strength in YAHWEH. audra balance for 40 day challenge. art sr and xavi strength and financial needs. pam health and work. kathy and bret healed hearts. rob and sandra blessed home life. jessica c and dastan healed fully and renewed passion!!
my son and my businessAnonymous109-09-2014
Please pray for my son regarding his professional and personal life with Lord guidance and wisdom, I have been praying for this for past 4 years and nothing seems to be working, please help.

Please pray for my business do well, I work so hard, but do not see any light in future, please help me, I am tired mentally and physically. Nothing seems to be working, please help

Please pray for my business to sell, I cannot take this pressure, I am 64 years, I am always stressed out, and whoever buys the business, I want them to be happy. thank you

I am sorry that I am asking again
My lifeAnonymous109-07-2014
God please help me to resist temptations that come my way. Jesus please help me to develop the faith I need to allow you to work in my life. Jesus please help me to get this business I have been working on over a year off the ground and bless it with an abundance of customers that want my business.
please pray for meAnonymous109-06-2014
Lord, please heal me of this anxiety which i can no longer take, heal me from this depression, heal me from these stomach problems I\'ve been having. Give me my health and never let these illnesses and symptoms come back ever again. I beg you lord please heal me as I\'m barely holding on by a thread I can\'t take this anymore. I need you now more than ever in Jesus name Amen
Please pray that E knows the love I have for him is real. Pray that God works in both our lives to bring us together and helps us to build a strong relationship. He is the one who said he thought we could have something good. I\'m not sure what happened but I still believe we can have something good. Please give him the courage to follow through with what he started and to believe in us, that we can have something really good. Please pray for restoration of our friendship and that he will realize how much I care about him and that he will contact me very soon so we can talk.
Prayer for intervention and direction.Brother G209-02-2014
For the past several years, I have been praying for God to intervene in my marriage regarding my wife’s mother who continues to interfere in our lives. She continues to do things which interrupt the stability of our home when she comes over. My wife sees this going on but never stands up for me and addresses it and all of the other things which go on which are too many to mention. She’s managed to place a wedge between my wife and now I’ve been contemplating leaving. Based on past conversation with my wife regarding her previous spouse and her mother, I can now see why this spouse left the marriage because the same things are being repeated again in our relationship. After her mother leaves, things seem to be ok between my wife and I as it’s always been.
My prayer request is that God will intervene on what is in the best interest of our family at this point in our lives and give me and my wife the right state of mind to make the right decision on what we should do and/or how to heal this situation.
Potiphar's Wife Need PrayerPeter Peter208-29-2014
I'm experiencing a similar situation to Joseph and Potiphar's wife at my job. Please pray that God helps me, favors me, provides for and protects me. Please also pray that God does the same for my family and my best friend.
Breakthrough neededJAMEL MONSON208-28-2014
Please pray for my moms healing from cancer. Please also pray for favor with this girl that I really like named Ginny.
Please help me Lord and angels here and above. I want to shine my light in the world, but first you must help me find it. I have been contemplating suicide lately. Please help me find strength and energy and love and light and hope, true happiness, true and lasting unconditional love and perfect health and great wealth so I can share and help people and be of value to this world. I need prayer for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual strength and wellness and a way to be of use to the world. I lost my only conceived child after I had tried a lifetime. Too old now to ever try again. And still so hurt the man went off with another instead of treating me right. May he be enlightened and return and make amends for having abandoned the right path and having lied and cheated and left instead of helped me through it... and try again? Please let them end NOW so he can make amends and stop the suffering. Please Pray for me so I can be a light in the world and be useful and energized and helpful and good and valued.... Then I can help others if you help me, God. Why is he so disrespectful to me? Help me to be only love and light in the world. Amen
GeneralShawn Rodriguez208-25-2014
Thank you Jesus for helping my family in our time of need! I need to find employment so that I can care for my family. Please help my mother know her self worth. Please help me overcome depression and selfishness. Please watch over my husband and keep him well. And please help me tolerate those who are different from myself. In Jesus name I pray. Amen
Dying FaithAnonymous208-23-2014
Everywhere I look I see couples, and I’m envious. I’ve waited nearly ten years of my life for that special someone, and God continues to ignore my prayers. I believe divorce rates are higher than ever because people’s standards are lower than ever. I’ve only ever met one person who could meet my standards, and she’s in a serious relationship with someone else. Even if I found someone I wouldn’t know what to do, because I have almost nothing to offer since I’m 24 years old, working at Wal-Mart, and living with my parents. I don’t care what anyone else says, there comes a point when it’s too late for love because we live in a world that worships youth, and I’m running out of time. After years and years of unanswered prayers my faith it dying.
Please Pray For UsCole Cole308-22-2014
Please pray that God fills my family, my best friend and her family and myself with His Holy Spirit to lead us, provide for us, protect us and Guide us in His will for us each day. Thank-you
Needs help desperatelyEvelyn Midura208-20-2014
I have life threatening condition, and every medical source only refers me around. I can't eat, and I can hardly drink. Please pray that I find help soon.
Prayer for restoration of my marriageEvelyn Anonsen308-20-2014
Pray needed for my marriage. My husband walked out on me for another woman and cut off all communication between us. Please pray for complete deliverance and restoration of the marriage. Pray that my husband will return home soon and that I can offer him complete forgiveness. Please pray that communication between us is restored and that it is uplifting and beneficial to the restoration of the relationship and the marriage. Please pray that I am able to let go and let God handle this situation. Also, please pray that I am rid of anger, fear, sadness, loneliness, and anxiety.
Perilous and embarrassing financial circumstances this week. Having to turn to an online pawn shop to try to get emergency funds, so far without response. Concerned about trying to placate the electric co. so they don't shut our service off. My stepdad's accident last week and hospitalization delayed my attending to these matters, though on the good note he is getting good care where he is at now. A series of mishaps 2 weeks ago, eBay completely restricting my selling for "seller performance" they think warrants this drastic move (not only cutting off my prime possibility for bringing in funds during my recovery from illness, but also leaving me powerless thereby to do anything about the seller performance standards they feel I didn't satisfy...yet they still took their seller fees for 2 substantial sales I did make in the past month). Miracle and favor over the next 48 hours so problems don't get irreparably out of hand, and so I can give my prime focus to something that has eluded me the last quarter century: the anointing of the Spirit.
Needing Prayers & Help Desperatly !!!!!!Robert Thibodeaux108-19-2014
I am a 52 year old disabled man , alone , wife and I split since march 7 2014 . found out it was cause of her grown children trying to control and do the devils work to keep her alone. her family stands in prayers with me for her . it has pushed me to my edge on 8/9/2014 I had my pistol to my head and was ready.i have since given it to her family to keep.i only live on $998 a month in a motel lost alone and scared. I so need my wife back desperately . She really is a good woman , even her family has been shut out , her mom , sister who prayers daily for her to open her eyes before its to late . my health is getting worst everyday . I have so many health issues ;needing prayers for jesus to help rebuke satan from both our lives and to see us with a happy marriage . I pray he will take away the bad and fill it with happy memories ,we need help Desperatly Desperatly !! I am so scared I will lose her . Her kids already have her drinking booze with them ( with 2 & 3 year olds at there feet ) . Using her grandkids to keep us apart . It`s making her family & I sick to see this go on . her family ( mom & brothers & sister ) is So worried I will move back to Louisiana and they will never see or hear from me again and that's not what they want for her or I . we just don`t know what to do !!
Thank you JesusShawn Rodriguez108-18-2014
Thank you Jesus for sustaining my family through our financial hardship. I ask that you continue to bless my family and watch over us as I continue to look for employment. Please heal my broken heart and help eliminate the pain I have been dealing with for over a year. Please help restore my faith and help me see what's most important right now. And please help me find a job. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN
Surround with peace/love/self-confidence LC who falls for DF who brings her emotionally down/humiliates her/pull him out of her life and bring her true mate as soon as possible-bring true mate & self-confidence for KM as she starts a new year with limited acknowledgement by the principle-weight loss for LC & KM-protect the environmentalist who are trying to protect the world & are being killed because of it-stop the attacks to those who are off the grid-heal A.S. emotional state of mind.
workMeLinda Resor108-17-2014
Pray that all my parts are good no miss count no miss lable no fired me no suppennned me I can get some help to do my oders and I can get my oders done on time and make rate and the tow motters to not bother me
lovemelissa hub108-17-2014
that god would bless me with a husband and a father for my child. also more children and great health for me and my family
FamilyHeather Hutson108-17-2014
Grace and favor to be poured over my family as gods blessings. May my youngest experience extreme growth and be set free from the emional toil of delayed puberty. For my middle child to receive grace and favor from coaches today as she sets forth for the next year. May they see the dedication, hard work ethic, and leadership and may she be greatly rewarded with key positions. May my husband experience healing from his MS. Blessings over our business and safety and joy for my family. In Jesus name.
healingsteward johns108-16-2014
Intense emotional healing for KM regarding lack of work, Abby cut KM's hours & hired others instead of KM it’s a humiliation situation she feels unappreciated heal her heart, WAKE UP Abby to change the situation she created for KM. Heal Pam who verbally attacks others when she is frustrated, she is a grown women screaming at LC & Joshua
Prayer for marriage Jennifer King 108-15-2014
Please pray that my boyfriend asks me to marry him. We have spent 2 years together I love him he loves me I feel it's so right. He and I are in our 30's I think it's time we start a family soon I want children. He would be a wonderful dad.
FamilyHeather Hutson108-15-2014
Grace and favor to be poured over my sons and daughter this school year. For self confidence, grace and favor with friends, coaches and instructors. For their path to be straight with no obstacles in reaching their goals in athletics & academic pursuits. For coaches\\\' eyes to be opened and them to receive every position they set to attain. For them to have grace & favor & safety in all their pursuits. For extreme physical growth & the cessation of delayed puberty for my youngest son. And with that a renewed self confidence. For healing for my husbands ms. For blessings over our business. In these things I ask in Jesus name. Thank you lord and I claim these blessings.
we pay our heart full thanks for praying for my father Mr.Anand he is still in hospital and MRI repotes say that due to low hb blood was not suplied in sufficient to the brain and both sides of the brain got damaged bcoz of that he cant & will talk,walk nor identfy. Kindly pray for his quick recovery and healthy home return.
Saikiran M
DANGEROUS FINANCIAL CONCERNS. Financial and spiritual "account Alex Nicotra108-12-2014
Funds will be low this week even after an incoming deposit. Dangerous in that urgent bills and responsibilities coming up this week: a car loan payment over a month behind, as well as sewer tax and use bills; 2 utility bills which I'm on payment arrangements for and don't want to jeopardize. A series of mishaps last week, eBay completely restricting my selling for "seller performance" they think warrants this drastic move (not only cutting off my prime possibility for bringing in funds during my recovery from illness, but also leaving me powerless thereby to do anything about the seller performance standards they feel I didn't satisfy...yet they still took their seller fees for 2 substantial sales I did make in the past month). Miracle and favor needed this week so I can give my prime focus to something that has eluded me the last quarter century: the anointing of the Spirit.
Henk66@yahoo.comJennifer King108-12-2014
Please pray that my boyfriend asks me to marry him. We have spent 2 years together I love him he loves me I feel it's so right. He and I are in our 30's I think it's time we start a family soon I want children. He would be a wonderful dad.